New Bubbletea place in on takeshitastreet in Tokyo!!

MÖGE TEE, a bubbletea & fruit tea shop from China opened its Harajuku branch on Takeshitastreet.

As for bubble drinks, other than black tea, they have cocoyam,purple yam&cheese,green tea&cheese,black sugar flavor.

Mango,watermelon,strawberry,peach…they offer various fruit-flavored cheese oolong tea drinks as well.

Also,every piece in the shop is so photogenic.
Use giant drink,candy canes,and more to make your photo much catchier!!!

(Shop information)

Shop name:愿茶 MÖGE TEE
Shop address:underground floor of Happyhearts 1-20-7 Jingumae, Shibuya,Tokyo
Shop hours:10am to 9am,No scheduled holidays
Telephone number:03-6434-9558
Official website: