A Campaign in Harajuku themed on Naomi Osaka!!

“ROLL ICE CREAM FACTORY”, a popular ice cream shop in Harajuku that visitors need to wait in a line for 7hours at most!!, has begun a campaign inspired by Naomi Osaka, a tennis player who won the women`s singles final this year at U.S. Open tennis tournament.

The shop has been offering rolled up ice cream that visitors can choose their favorite ice cream, sauce, fruit, and other toppings from various combinations and popular among not only girls but also families or international guests.

This autumn, they will offer green tea ice cream named “Mattcha ice Naomi Special” (since she said she`d like to have them when arriving back to Japan) for 703yen from September 17th to September 23rd (until the end of TORAY PAN PACIFIC OPEN TENNIS in Tokyo she joins.)

The ice cream has bananas in as she often ate them at a match, National flags of Japan and U.S.(her and Serena Jameka Williams`s countries, who matched at the final) and expresses tennis balls in sticky rice balls, her wrist band in red gummy.

*The product will be served from 10am to 9pm but may be closed when crowded.

Check out the information below for more details.

(Shop information)
Shop address: 4-28-12 Jingumae, Shibuya
Shop hours: from 10am to 9pm
No scheduled holidays
Average price: around 800yen
Telephone number:03-3470-0227
Map: http://ur0.biz/LZfL
Official site:  https://rollicecreamfactory.com