Big Colorful Floats Shop in Harajuku,Tokyo🍒✨

Harajuku has been engulfed other countries’ cultures.

Today, we will introduce you an American diner-themed cafe, “Caroline Diner”✨
Why don’t you enjoy wonderful time in a cafe like a movie set.♬

It was named after an aerial girl named “Caroline”.
She had been traveled all over the world alone, after that she has become a regular customer at this cafe🎀♡

There are a checkerboard floor,a stainless table, and high stools in this cafe.
It looks like it came straight out of a 50’s American movie.

You can see roller skating waitresses on every Saturday!

🍒The Hugely Popular Floats

The most popular in this cafe is a colorful float 🙂They provide it in 7 different flavors such as melon, strawberry, blue hawaii, peach, coke, orange, and co
ffee for ¥800.
Each float has three red cherries and an original flag in a retro mood✨

(Shop information)
Shop name: Caroline Diner
Shop address: 2-14-11 Jingumae, Shibuya
Open hours: from 12am to 7pm
Holidays: Thursday
Average price: from 800yen~
Credit card: not available
Telephone number: 03-6721-1960
Official site: