3 things to know before visiting Hotels in Japan & the best hotels in Japan

Today, we`ll post 3 things we recommend international guests know before staying at Japanese hotels.

Visitors don`t need to tip.

At most hotels (restaurants and cafes too), customers don`t need to pay tips. Don`t worry as all the staff will get a living wage paid in Japan.

Travel amenities are well set up.

In Japanese hotel rooms, there are usually travel amenities like not only shampoo and body shampoo but also tooth brush, comb, razor, and more.

Some hotels don`t have English capability.

Especially at small hotels (or other facilities), not all staff can speak fluent English.
So we recommend learning a few basic phrases in Japanese beforehand.

☆The One of the best hotels for international guests☆

Today, Also, let us introduce a popular hotel among international tourists, SAKURA HOTEL IKEBUKURO, which takes only 6minutes from the west exit of Ikebukuro station!!

Other than comfortable rooms at reasonable prices, the staff at the front desk is so kind and has English capability, there are lots of leaflets about various tourist spots, and it also has a café that is open for 24 hours.

Also, those who stay at the hotel can use the shared kitchen for free!!

The visitors can rent irons, ironing pad, hair dryer for free too.

When visiting Tokyo, why not drop at?

(Hotel information)
Address: Ikebukuro 2-40-7, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Map: https://bit.ly/2LzW2xK
From Harajuku: The nearest station is Ikebukuro, which is 26stops from Harajuku station on JR Yamanote line. It`s 6minute walk from Ikebukuro station.
Business hours: 24hours
The lowest price for one-day stay for single person: 6300JPY
Credit card: available
English capability: available
Free Wi-Fi: available in all rooms and cafes
Telephone number: 03-3971-2237
No scheduled holidays
Official site: https://www.sakura-hotel.co.jp/jp/ikebukuro