🎀4 pink photo spots in Harajuku,Tokyo🎀

When visiting Harajuku, you must be eager to take photos for Instagram. In Harajuku, there are various photogenic locations. Today, we`ll introduce 4 best pink photo spots in Harajuku.


Especially for teenagers, Bubbles is one of the most popular multi-brand shops that reflect Harajuku`s latest kawaii.

【Shop information】
Shop address: Jingumae, 4-32-12, Shibuya
Shop hours: from noon to 8pm (weekdays), from 11:30am to 8pm (weekends)
*no scheduled holidays
Telephone number: 0357727126
Credit cards: available
Map: http://urx.cloud/LzCH
Official website:http://www.sparklingmall.jp/fs/sparklingmall/c/bubbles


SPARK is an eyelash and nail salon by Bubbles.
Other than taking photos, how about having your eyelash and nails dressed in Harajuku style?

【Shop information】
Shop address: Jingumae, 4-32-7, Shibuya
Shop hours: from 11:30am to 10pm
*no scheduled holidays
Telephone number: 0367210570
Credit cards: available
Map: http://urx.cloud/LzCG
Official website: https://beauty.hotpepper.jp/kr/slnH000368700/


STYLENANDA on Takeshitastreet is a cosmetics and clothing shop from Korea. There is a popular photo spot there themed of beach.

【Shop information】
Shop address: Jingumae, 1-6-9, Shibuya
Shop hours: from 10am to 9pm
*no scheduled holidays
Telephone number: 0367211612
Credit cards: available
Map: http://urx.cloud/LzCJ
Official website: http://jp.stylenanda.com/


Coisof is an ice cream shop offering cute soft ice cream.
Inside the shop is a cute photo spot with colorful balls.

【Shop information】
Shop address: Jingumae, 1-8-24, Shibuya
Shop hours: from 11am to 7pm
*no scheduled holidays
Telephone number: 07011851309
Credit cards: available
Map: http://urx.cloud/LzCK
Official website: http://coisof.jp/

Have a nice shooting📸✨