3 shops that offer best photogenic ice cream in Harajuku,Tokyo

Today, we`ll introduce 3 ice cream shops in Harajuku that provide super photogenic ice cream. Why not add some kawaii ice cream on your Instagram?


This shop offers various animal-shaped ice cream from pig to elephant.
Enjoy Doubutsuenn(Zoo) in ice cream 🙂
Be careful when visiting as it`s located on the basement floor so it`s can`t be seen on the street.

(Shop information)
Shop address : Jingumae 3-20-10,Shibuya(on the basement floor)
Shop hours : 11AM~7PM
*no scheduled holidays
Average price: under 1000JPY
Telephone number : (03)6434-5074
Map: https://bit.ly/2LSaldj
Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/denki_shokai/


Coisof sells tasty sesame-flavored ice cream with colorful small eatable balls.
Each is so crispy!!
Inside the shop is also photogenic!!

(Shop information)
Shop address: Jingumae, 1-8-24, Shibuya
Shop hours: from 11am to 7pm
*no scheduled holidays
Average price: under 1000JPY
Telephone number: 07011851309
Credit cards: available
Map: http://urx.cloud/LzCK
Official website: http://coisof.jp/

Eddy`s Ice Cream

The shop is so popular on Instagram that there are over 19thousands posts there.
We can choose various kawaii toppings from ribbon bow to unicorn.
The most recommended style of shooting is to use pink telephones♡

(Shop information)
Address: Jingumae 4-26-28, Shibuya, Tokyo
Map: https://goo.gl/maps/QHdDJX8uKtD2
Shop hours: 11am~8pm
Average price: under 2000JPY
Telephone number: 03-6438-9742
No scheduled holidays
Official site: http://eddysicecream.jp/